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Saturday, April 03, 2004
  Thanks for inviting me to you blog Stephen! I promise not to write all over it!
Friday, April 02, 2004
  Saturday 3 April 2004. So, its a week and a half since the last blog entry, and the block session is in process (blogging is the topic)

Issues today:

1. What's this "virtual" word bit? Is a "virtual student" not a student at all? Maybe its time to rethink what we mean about all this "virtuality"

2. This brings up the issues of 'learner readiness' and barriers to learning (e.g. technophopia - some Gen Y'ers are computer resistant) learner readiness is the role of the teacher (the e-teacher)

3. Perhaps the 'e' is education, or empowerment

4. Learner readiness leads to the issue of 'convergence' (from one format to another, as in Foxtel digital interactive TV with 8-screen news) is convergence the way in which we'll get rid of the technophobe, and introduce learner readiness. 
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